Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hydrogen and fuel of the future

In a new step towards realizing the dream of the use of hydrogen as renewable energy company announced "BMW" for completing the program; manufacturing cars using hydrogen as a fuel instead of gasoline, and that the report of the magazine Darshbijl German, and is expected to be put that car on the market in the next year, where the company has already completed the production and testing of fifteen cars, a category that engine capacity of up to seven liters, the report states that the price of that car will not increase the price of petrol counterparts managed.

Hydrogen is the simplest element known human, where consists of one proton and one electron, and represents more than 90% of the components of the universe and 30 % of the mass of the sun, which is the third most abundant elements on the Earth's surface, the hydrogen gas has no color or taste or smell, consists of a diatomic molecule H2 There is no solo but always associated with another element, it is associated with oxygen component of water, H2O, and is associated with the carbon component of different compounds such as methane, CH4 and oil.
Hydrogen is part of the cycle elegant and clean, when you separate the components of the water into hydrogen and oxygen using Chapter warming or electrolysis or using solar energy - and this is what scientists have succeeded in the center of renewable energy in the U.S. currency, which devised a single device is the separation of hydrogen from water and turned into a electrical energy at the same time using more than 12.5 % of the solar radiation ( older devices were switched from 4 % to 6 % only), but standing in front of them impediment cost, Valjhaz is still not cost-effective - uses hydrogen output to charge a fuel cell - a so-called hydrogen battery - and when used Boxgen associated hydrogen atmosphere is produced electrical energy and water, and is thus not produce any environmental pollutants or toxic gases.

If Hydrogen secondary source of energy or so-called carrier of energy - like electricity - it needs to be another source of energy to produce it, but the source of this energy is stored and transmitted to the user wherever he was.

Has been used agency NASA Space hydrogen in its space program for years, Hydrogen is the fuel that carries spaceships to outer space, and hydrogen fuel cells is that you run the electrical system of the ship, and this results in output of just one, a pure water that is used by astronauts in drinking, hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity with high efficiency, but the cost is still high.

The use of hydrogen as a fuel - especially for cars - is now available in the form of either pure hydrogen and thus does not produce any pollution rates or plus gasoline or diesel, and thus reduces the rate of pollutant emissions from 30% to 40 %.

Hydrogen can also be an ideal fuel for aircraft, it produces a larger amount of energy, and therefore you will need aircraft to less fuel, as it is lighter than the current fuel, and thus will be able to increase its cargo plane.

Hydrogen production and natural scientists have discovered some species of algae and bacteria that produce hydrogen as a by- natural, and is currently conducting research on algae urged those on the production of larger quantities of hydrogen.

Most of the energy used by the world today comes from fossil fuels, only 7 % of which comes from renewable energy sources, is that the world is now trying to increase the use of renewable energies are clean, do not pollute the environment, as they do not run out, but such energies such as solar and wind power is facing a problem non- permanent presence and lack of storage capacity for long periods of time, and here comes the hydrogen ; to solve that problem, we can store that energy to where we want and when we want, is it possible to dispense with in the future for fossil fuels ? And whether we will use hydrogen as an alternative to electricity? Will answer questions about the future

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