Thursday, 14 November 2013

How to improve your Youtube viewers

Youtube earning depends on extending viewers. If you want to improve youtube viewers and earning please follow the following steps, you will be successful Hopefully:

  1. First of all You need at least 10MB Speed of Uploading. As much as you have uploading speed you can upload more and more videos and can earn much as what you want. High uploading speed will extend your youtube videos on your channel.
  2. You need to upload videos on daily basis, suppose you have a channel of dramas of a channel so you must upload this channel dramas at daily basis because who people miss this drama they can watch at your channel at daily basis.
  3. Keep the description of all the videos what you have in description tab so visitors can view at your channel what they are looking for.
  4. Don’t miss description, title and tag people can find your videos due to these.
  5. Always keep monetization on for all videos because if viewer will view he/she can also click on your video add which will give you earning only video view cannot give you earning add give you.
  6. If you miss yesterday videos or miss few days drams so collect all those and upload them to satisfy your daily viewers.
  7. Always make list of your one type of dramas due to list your view need not to go back on your channel they directly can watch at your list on daily basis.
  8. In youtube during upload there is a face book and twitter check box it remain should always be check for all videos this check box means that your videos are directly going on twitter and face book
  9. If you are taking videos from youtube you should take only free videos for upload otherwise you will receive Matched third copy case which will suspend your channel and all your efforts will be finish at one sight.


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